Dick Scoggins


Dick and Cathy Scoggins moved to London in 1995 to work more closely with Frontiers International. Dick is Head of Leadership Development at Frontiers. Dick and Cathy continue to learn about house church planting in Networks as they train church planters in the UK and throughout the Muslim world. Dick and Cathy have planted a house church in High Wycombe, England, where they also started a Fellowship of Church Planters called the SAS team. The SAS team desire to do our part in the Great Commission by: 1) Planting new reproducing churches, 2) Equipping and helping existing churches to reproduce, 3) Training aspiring church planters, 4) Spawning new church planting teams to penetrate England, Europe and the world, and 5) Giving on-going support to these teams. Our present goal in this process is to see at least one apostolic Church Planting centre come into existence.