Bookkeeper Buddy

Your church plant is your passion and at Bookkeeper Buddy, accounting is theirs. As your outsourced accounting partner, they help you do what you love—which will grow your church. What do they do? They help you! Bookkeeper Buddy creates your own custom “Buddy System” specifically designed to help you as you want to be helped in the areas where you want help. They can do just a little, do a little bit more, or they can come alongside you and become your one-stop-shop accounting department, taking care of all your bookkeeping, payroll, and financial reporting functions. The beauty is you always maintain control with total 24/7 access to your records and data. They can do all the input, number crunching and report generating. You get accurate, real time, helpful information. With accurate records they even make tax time a breeze for you and your CPA!