Pirate Christian Radio


Pirate Christian Radio is an online radio station that is free from the scurvy plagues of pop-psychology, goofy fads, self-help, pietism, purpose-drivenism, the prosperity heresy, contemplative mysticism, seeker-sensitivism, liberalism, relevantism, Emergent nonsense, and the sissy-girly Oprah-fied religiosity that is being passed off in our churches as “Biblical Christianity.” Every day this radio station proclaims “Christ crucified for our sins” as they defend THE historic Christian faith.

Reformation Network


RefNet (Reformation Network) is God-honoring, 24-hour Christian Internet radio featuring Biblical preaching, teaching, Scripture, news, music, Audiobooks, & more. While Christian terrestrial radio continues to be an effective outreach in the US, we’re pushing to leverage the growth of internet-enabled mobile phones and tablets around the world. RefNet is freely available on your internet connected iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch; on your computer through the RefNet website; or on many other mobile browsers through RefNet’s lite mobile version. RefNet is an outreach of Ligonier Ministries who has a digital library of many thousands of hours of solid Bible teaching and preaching. RefNet enables Ligonier to serve you better with unique daily teaching and preaching along with other broadcast partners who echo the same great historic truths that have been well-framed by the creedal consensus coming out of the Reformation.

Family Life Internet Radio


At Family Life, our mission is to strengthen families and individuals through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The Family Life Internet Radio Network provides multiple channels to hear all of the best of today's Christian contemporary artists, pop, rock, and urban, light Jazz, classic and contemporary worship music, as well as a wide selection of southern and country gospel music.



Air1 got its start when 2 radio stations in Southern California joined together with a third near Portland, Oregon in 1995, creating the Air1 Radio Network. Today, Air1 is heard on 210 radio stations in 40 states and is one of the most listened to radio stations on the internet.



To effectively communicate the Gospel message to those who don't know or fully understand it, through full-time contemporary Christian music and short educational elements over radio and the Internet-using modern day language and the highest professional standards.



Our aim is to offer encouraging and uplifting Christian radio to help visitors strengthen their Christian faith and walk with Christ. We want our radio stations, whether the streaming content is Praise and Worship, Classical, Rock, Southern Gospel, Contemporary, or Talk Radio, to glorify God. With a desire to support local Christian radio stations, we want to point our visitors towards Christian Teaching Talk Stations and Christian Music Stations in their state from Salem Radio Network. With the ability to stream live radio online, we hope to provide a constant source of spiritual growth and encouragement.