MoonClerk provides online giving for churches of all sizes. Their cost-effective, easy-to-use tithing and online giving system can handle recurring and one-time gifts. MoonClerk allows any church to start accepting donations within minutes without any application process or programming required. We understand your back-office needs for reporting, bookkeeping, and gathering custom information from givers. They help reduce the headaches normally involved in online giving for churches. MoonClerk's monthly rates automatically adjust based on the volume of your giving.

ACS Technologies

Connecting the right people with the right information is what church software is all about. That is what we do best, and that’s why more churches trust us than any other church software company. For over 30 years, ACS Technologies has provided industry-leading church management software. Via desktop, Web, and mobile applications, we deliver the most robust and integrated church management solutions to nearly 50,000 churches. Connecting your community is our top priority, so both ACS People and ACS Contributions are also fully integrated with The City to build your community network. 

The City

The City helps everyone in your church stay engaged in daily life and ministry. It's a group-oriented social network that's all about helping your church build deeper community and extend the love of Christ to the world. The City focuses on making it easier for your church to be the community you already are by making it easier for you to do the things that make you, well, you. Things like being able to communicate to everyone all at once, or talk with just your small group, or get in touch with the new guy you met on Sunday who only gave you his first name. Or maybe you need prayer, or want to bring your church community and your neighbors together for a party, or a friend at work has a need and you want to find someone who can help. The City is all about helping your church get important things done in real life, together. As an added benefit, The City is also fully integrated with ACS Technologies.

Church Community Builder

Church Community Builder (CCB) is a web-based, Software as a Service solution designed to help your church build a better connected, more committed church community. CCB is a solid church management system to keep accurate records and report on key church measurables, with communication tools to keep people informed, calendaring tools to organize all of the church events, social media tools to help build community and connectedness, along with web integration tools that turn your church website into a community portal.

PayPal for Nonprofits

Boost your fundraising with PayPal for Nonprofits. Accept credit cards and more, online and beyond. However you collect funds, PayPal has affordable options trusted by nonprofits everywhere. Discounted rates for registered 501(c)(3)s, easy setup, no programming skills required, and your donors don’t need a PayPal account.