Christianity Explored

The Christianity Explored course gives you time and space to think through who Jesus is and why it matters. Christianity Explored (CE) is an independent UK Charity which originated in All Souls Church, Langham Place, London. It is now also registered as a charity in the USA. CE produces courses and other materials to help people understand from the Bible who Jesus is, why he came, and what it means to follow him. CE materials have been translated into 20 languages and are being used in 60 countries in all kinds of churches.

Christianity Explained

Mark Dever of 9Marks says, "Christianity Explained is a superb tool for evangelism which I have personally used now for over 15 years. Our church as even structured a weekly class around it that runs regulalry. The six short studies in the Gospel of Mark are so clear and engaging that anybody can be equipped to introduce someone to Jesus. I would encourage you to use it."

The Alpha Course

The Alpha Course is a practical introduction to the Christian faith, a place where guests have an opportunity to explore the meaning of life in a relaxed, friendly setting. The course usually meets once per week for 10 weeks and includes a day or weekend getaway in the middle. Each session, people enjoy great food, laughter and learning about the teachings of Jesus in a fun and friendly atmosphere where no question about life or God is seen as too simple or too hostile. There is no charge to attend the course.


GoodSeed believes that we need to be crystal clear on the Bible's primary message the gospel, and then pass it on in a way that makes sense using The Emmaus Road Message (TERM). It is their goal to produce TERM materials similar to The Stranger on the Road to Emmaus, sensitive to different ages, settings, the illiterate, or such groups as the seeing impaired. It is their goal to translate culturally contextualized TERM materials into all major and many smaller language groups.