Association of Biblical Counselors

Association of Biblical Counselors (ABC) exists to encourage, equip, and empower people everywhere to live and counsel the Word, applying the Gospel to the whole experience of life. Encourage: ABC provides a fellowship of believers committed to life transformation through the Living Word. Equip: ABC promotes training in biblical counseling and points to resources that deal biblically with all of the issues of life. Empower: ABC provides excellent materials for growth in Christ and for use in effective counseling.


Since 1968, the CCEF (Christian Counseling & Educational Foundation) has set the pace in biblical counseling. We teach people how to explore the wisdom and depth of the Bible and apply its grace-centered message to the problems of daily living. Simply put our mission is to: Restore Christ to Counseling and Counseling to the Church. We accomplish our mission through a unique synergy of counseling, training, publications, and conferences. What ties these strands together is our passion to equip God’s people to experience Christ amid the challenges of daily life.

Focus on the Family

Focus on the Family is a global Christian ministry dedicated to helping families thrive. We provide help and resources for couples to build healthy marriages that reflect God’s design, and for parents to raise their children according to morals and values grounded in biblical principles. No matter who you are, what you’re going through or what challenges your family may be facing, we’re here to help. With practical resources - like our 1-800 Family Help line, counseling and websites – we’re committed to providing trustworthy, biblical guidance and support.

Bethany Christian Services

Pregnancy counseling, adoption, foster care: Bethany cares for children in the U.S. in a variety of ways. You can help. Perhaps you are called to adopt, become a foster care parent, or a temporary care provider through Safe Families for Children™ Perhaps you or someone you know are facing an unplanned pregnancy and are in need of pregnancy counseling. It may be that you are called to make a way for someone else through your financial support. We seek to strengthen families and, in all that we do, extend God’s love by reaching out to children in need.

Pure Life Ministries

Sexual sin has reached epidemic proportions in the Church. Even if the statistics are somehow overstating the problem, sexual sin is undoubtedly the most serious spiritual issue facing the Body of Christ - and things are growing worse. Our 35 full-time biblical counselors and support staff are fully committed to bringing the hope, healing, and restoration found only in Christ to those who have been touched by the leprosy of sexual sin. Nearly all of the men and women here at Pure Life Ministries are graduates of one of our counseling programs themselves. Each has responded to the call of God to freely give to others the same compassion and mercy which the Father freely bestowed upon them.