The church planting vision of the Evangelical Free Church of America (EFCA) is to bring pleasure to God by mobilizing a church planting movement in the United States where every EFCA church will become a reproducing church and no church planter would be left alone. EFCA START serves as part of the ReachNational ministry arm of the EFCA which has over 1300 churches and nearly 200 church plants. We serve in the United States where there are 240 million people disconnected from the church. Healthy churches are the hope of our nation. The most effective way to reach disconnected people is to start new churches. We believe it is going to take all kinds of churches to reach all kinds of people. Therefore, EFCA churches are using a variety of church planting models. No matter which model is used, the key thing is the church making disciples and reproducing.

Gospel Coach


Gospel Coach materials are designed to give Christian leaders a practical system to develop and equip other leaders in the local church and to shepherd them to glorify God. While it is for leaders, it can be used to shepherd believers of all stages of their life, maturity, age, and gender. This site is a tool to support the principle plans established in the Gospel Coach book.

New Church Specialties: coaching


You were never meant to do God’s work alone. We want to provide you with a coach who can help you achieve your maximum potential! Also, a good coach will help you foresee the obstacles, twists, and turns ahead. Coaching is about connecting relationally with like-minded people, sharing wisdom and insight, and having someone with experience to help you solve problems! We have a team of qualified coaches who specialize in supporting church planters and church-planting churches. We will guide you through the critical phases of establishing a missional church. We provide extensive checklists for milestone management in each phase. Contact us for more information about missional church coaching!



9Marks exists to equip church leaders with a biblical vision and practical resources for displaying God's glory to the nations through healthy churches. Believing the local church is the focal point of God’s plan for displaying his glory to the nations, and that the Bible is sufficient for the life of the church, 9Marks is church-focused, scripture-focused, and pastor-focused. The nine marks are (1) expositional preaching, (2) biblical theology, (3) a biblical understanding of the good news, (4) a biblical understanding of conversion, (5) a biblical understanding of evangelism, (6) biblical church membership, (7) biblical church discipline, (8) biblical discipleship and growth, and (9) biblical church leadership. These are not the only things which are necessary for building healthy churches, they are nine practices which many churches today overlook and that need to be emphasized once again.

Jim Griffith Coaching Network


The mission of the Griffith Coaching Network is to assess, train, and coach church leaders in new and established congregations and ministries. Our focus is new church starts, church planting, established churches considering new directions, churches in conflict/crisis, and denominational consulting.

New Church Initiatives: coaching


We have a team of qualified coaches who specialize in supporting church planters and church-planting churches. We will guide you through the critical phases of establishing a missional church, including formation of a missional community, infrastructure for sustained effectiveness, and missional development & deployment.



Do you want to take your church and your personal life to a new level of being outward-focused? Join the global tribe of Christians at ServeCoach.com who have caught the vision of serving and loving their communities into a relationship with Jesus. You'll find numerous how-to articles, resources, tips and solutions for all your servant evangelism needs. We have a growing download section to meet all your requirements: forms, checklists, templates, and more. We have also added a brand new forum for our members to be able to interact, network and ask questions.