Church Furniture Partner

As a division of Save Your Church Money, Church Furniture Partner is passionate about assisting your church in stretching every dollar. We love helping you discover the best deals and values on church chairs, pulpits, nursery, and all other church furniture. We consider it our ministry. Our approach to selling church furniture is unique. We are not a manufacturer; rather, we’re a dealer that represents 200 plus manufacturers that do not sell to churches direct. But unlike most dealers, our approach is consultative because we understand first-hand what you go through when making purchases for your church. Our founder, George Kreger, has been a pastor for over 30 years. During his ministry he has overseen five major church building projects, and his experience has driven us to acquire the expertise and the resources to help you meet the individual needs of your church and save you money.


ChurchPlaza was formed 25 years ago at the request of leadership of the Assemblies of God, and the Church of God, Cleveland Tennessee, to provide a trustworthy resource for quality church seating and other church products. Since then, 43 additional national denominations, ministries and/or their publishing houses have endorsed and recommended ChurchPlaza to their churches including; The Willow Creek Association, Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod, Foursquare, American Baptists, Evangelical Free Church, Disciples of Christ and many others. Our only mission is to serve churches and to bring them quality seating and other quality products at the best possible prices.


While many of our competitors are willing to sell you a church chair imported from Asia or South America, at Bertolini Sanctuary Seating we’re committed to building all of our chairs right here in the USA, In Lawrenceburg, Tennessee and Chino, California. We think doing so is important for all the right reasons that come quickly to most of our minds: employment, economics and fair labor practices to name a few. And while any of these are definitely reason enough, we are also motivated by the desire to benefit you, our local customer, by being right in your neighborhood.


Chairtex designs and builds excellence into all the church pew chairs, banquet chairs, stacking chairs, and plastic chairs we manufacture. Chairtex’s sanctuary seating is known for the beauty, comfort and durability it provides to congregations around the worldl. The award winning designs of the Infinity Collectionworship chairs and the excellent value of the Trinity Collection stackable church chairs are replacing church pews to increase the flexibility and usability of your church’s worship space. Chairtex church seating is available in hundreds of fabrics to suit every taste whether it be classical or contemporary. The durability of our frame finished off with the comfort of our exclusive OptiFoam(tm) seats provides a return on your investment that cannot be matched. This is the value that all churches are looking for.