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Logo Tournament


With Logo Tournament you get the logo that you really want by choosing from 50-200+ custom designs. Their handpicked logo designers from around the globe will impress you—guaranteed. If your contest doesn't receive at least 30 unique logos, they'll refund your entire payment.

Church Logo Gallery


Church Logo Gallery specializes in church logos. Check us out for your church, youth, and children's ministry logo needs. With hundreds of original pre-designed options available, your church can get a great looking logo in 1-2 days at a price you can afford. Custom logo design is also available.



CreationSwap provides royalty-free stock photos, church bulletins, sermon art, logos and more, shared freely or sold by thousands of Christian artists worldwide. Download media or have it customized, printed and shipped to you, or print your own. Also, visit the CreationSwap Network to connect with artists, view portfolios or post jobs free. Church media by thousands of Christian artists.



LogoPond is a place to fish for ideas, using their brand and Identity showcase. It is a gallery site that exists specifically for logo design inspiration. You can share your own creations or just browse through the work of others. LogoPond is really a community of logo designers, setup to share, discuss, get feedback and inspiration for your own logo design. Users can search by keyword or select the “View All” gallery to view all the logos submitted to the site.

Template Monster


The main difference between a regular logo and Logo Templates from Template Monster is that Logo Templates are developed to reflect the main idea of the industry not the particular company. To meet the company's theme you will probably need to do some customization. Template Monster offers two kinds of Logo Templates: Unique and Non-Unique. When a logo template is purchased at the Unique price, it is removed from our database so that you get an absolutely exclusive logo design at an affordable price. Non-Unique Logo Templates can't be bought under the unique price, as they aren't eligible for the unique category once they've been bought at the regular price.