Blue Letter Bible

The mission of the Blue Letter Bible is to facilitate in-depth study of God's Word through an on-line interactive reference library continuously updated from the teachings and commentaries of selected pastors and teachers who hold to the conservative, historical Christian faith.

Biblos, the Greek word for book and the first word of the New Testament, is a root of "Bible" in English and many other languages, including "Bibel" in German and "Biblia" in Latin and Spanish. is a production of the Online Parallel Bible Project. This project is privately owned and supported for the express purpose of sharing Bible study tools online. Most of our work is done by volunteers with an interest in using their technological skills to this end.

Bible Gateway

Bible Gateway is a Christian, mission-centered enterprise, focused on making Scripture freely available on the Web in multiple languages and translations. Search the Bible in multiple English translations, as well as German, Swedish, Latin, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Tagalog, and Norwegian.

ESV Bible

The English Standard Version (ESV) Bible is an essentially literal Bible translation that combines word-for-word accuracy with literary excellence, beauty, and depth of meaning. is a powerful and convenient tool, to provide access to the ESV Bible and other resources, for understanding and applying God’s Word. Users are able to customize their own interface, highlight and mark verse numbers, add bookmark ribbons, search the ESV text, and manage personal notes. The free version also includes a variety of daily reading plans and devotional calendars.


Since its start in 1996,'s purpose has been to lead people to become fully devoted followers of Christ. In doing so, we have looked for new ways to help people connect the Bible to their daily lives. Our methods have changed over the years as we've incorporated various technologies and strategies. But at the core, our focus remains on relevancy as we consistently strive to demonstrate and teach people how God's Word relates to everyone, no matter where they are in life.

The Alliterated Bible

The Alliterated Outline Bible is now over 30 years in the making. It is available in a 3-ring, 1,000 page notebook, on CD, as a downloadable zipi file or online. Every verse of the Bible is outlined in expository alliteration. It is exegetical and detailed, yet practical. All outlines were gleaned from the original Hebrew and Greek text. 'Exegesis' (Webster's Definition: to draw out the critical explanation or interpretation of a text or portion of a text, esp. of the Bible without the interpreter's bias or opinion) was used exclusively. No 'eisegesis' (Webster's Definition: an interpretation, esp. of Scripture, that expresses the interpreter's own ideas, bias, or the like, rather than the meaning of the text).