Church Planting Solutions: assessment

For over a decade, assessment has been used by church planting strategists across North America. Borrowing from experts like Dr. Thomas Graham and Dr. Charles Ridley, a process has been developed to help interested candidates determine their giftedness and readiness for church planting, either as the leader of a team, a member of a team, or as a "solo" church planting pastor. Church planting assessment integrates several lenses of evaluation to help a couple or individual discover as much about healthy placement in church planting as possible.

Church Planting Assessment Center

Stadia’s Church Planting Assessment Center (SCPAC) is designed to evaluate potential church planting team leaders, staff members and their spouses (if appropriate) for the gifts and talents to be successful in this essential ministry. Restricted to a two-year projection, the SCPAC team will make a concrete recommendation with regard to the potential success of a candidate within their position of choice, and will offer appropriate affirmations and development suggestions. The assessment outcome will be briefly discussed with the candidate prior to the conculsion of the center, and a comprehensive written report will be available to the candidate within a couple of weeks.

Church Planter Profiles

Church Planter Profiles was created to help potential church planters discern their aptitude and readiness for starting a new church quickly and easily in an online environment. Offering robust, customizable tools to help churches, networks and denominations assess potential church planters, Church Planter Profiles will help you discover your readiness and develop your gifts and abilities for effective church planting. CPP was built with church planting churches, networks and denominations in mind. We provide proven, secure and customizable online tools to help you discover and develop church planting potential.

New Church Initiatives: assessment

The Church Planter Assessment Process provided by New Church Initiatives is a unique and unparalleled opportunity for potential church planters to receive thoughtful, professional, and experienced feedback on their strengths and weaknesses. A careful assessment could mean the difference between PAIN and JOY! To ensure the most positive church planting experience for all, we assess leaders and their spouses before they start their new ventures. Our goal is to help you gain a powerful self-awareness that will transform you and your ministry in remarkable ways.

New Church Specialties: assessment

As a service to our Partners, NCS provides 1-day Behavioral Interview Assessments for our Partners whose denominations either do not provide Assessment Centers or who need an on-site assessment quickly. Our Behavioral Interview Assessments are designed to evaluate a candidate's abilities and skills in the 13 Characteristics of the Church Planter's Profile designed by Dr. Ridley. A self-assessment, introductory guide of these characteristics is below. We have designed this for our partner’s use as an informal assessment tool.

LifeWay Assessment Center

The Church Planter Candidate Assessment (CPCA) is a statistically validated online assessment instrument which helps potential church planters and their respective organizations identify areas of established strength and other areas needing development as they prepare to plant a church. What traits should a church planter have? Are there discernible personal qualities evident among those who have planted successfully? LifeWay Research endeavored to unearth the skills and mindsets common among the most proven church planters. What resulted were specific, measurable characteristics which were consistent among those who have had success in planting churches.

Association of Related Churches

Starting Life-Giving Churches. While we recognize and celebrate the unique aspects of every church plant, ARC is committed to supporting your success in four foundational ways: 1. We Help You Start Strong. We show you how to build your launch team, raise funds, form a worship team, develop your children’s ministry and gain momentum. 2. We Reach the Unchurched. With more than 110 million Americans never or rarely attending church, it’s critical that we cross cultural walls to reach the lost. ARC is all about helping churches stay culturally relevant. 3. We Build Relationships. Solid relationships are the foundation for growth in any aspect of life. 4. We Support Financially. We know that it takes money to do ministry. That’s why ARC invests financially into the vision of starting new churches.