Who/What is The Church Planting Supersite?

The Supersite is a cooperative effort of two well-known organizations that service the church planting community. TellStart (begun by Phil Spry) started in 1997, and the foundation of what would become Church Plant Media (begun by Dustin Stearman) also started in 1997. Both organizations serve church planters almost exclusively. In 2010, Phil and Dustin decided to put their nearly 50 years of experience in church plant ministry together and produce a new entity that would be of great service to the ministry that has captivated their hearts for many years. Our mission statement tells the whole story. We wanted to create a single Internet portal where everything necessary to plant a church was located.


Who is our target audience?

If you are a church planter, CP coach, denominational CP leader, or a pastor who wants to see a church planting movement birthed out of your church or denomination - you are our target audience.


What's the benefit to me?

If you are a church plant service provider, consider that over 30,000 people a month search the term "church planting." It is the number one search term on the subject. Because the SuperStore is the first listing in that category, it will give access to the largest possible audience of individuals and groups seeking the services you provide.

If you are a church planter - we want your church to succeed. The very best CP ministries and service providers are already listed or will soon be...

Antelopes on the African savannas can jump ten feet into the air. But in zoos they are contained by a simple six foot wall. You see, an antelope will not jump over a wall if he cannot see the other side. He needs to see a landing zone to make sure it's a safe jump. Our experienced church plant ministries listed in this site will give you a vision of what's on the other side of the wall.


What if I want to list more than one product or service?

There is no limit to the number of services or products you can list. If you have a CP coaching ministry and have authored several books on the subject, you might want to be listed under CP coaching and CP books.


How do I get listed?

Fill out our contact form and we'll give you a call to chat. We will carefully guard our ministry and our reputation. Unfortunately, we know that some individuals and organizations will just not fit within the guidelines we have for our partners. It's our way of making sure that partners we accept are a safe landing zone for new planters who are jumping over the wall for the first time.


As a partner, how can I measure results?

The most effective metric for any service provider is the number of actual referrals you get from being listed on our site. Beyond that, we will provide a quarterly report of the number of inquirers who clicked through to your website through our portal. More frequent reports will be available upon request.


What does it cost to be on the Supersite?

An annual partnership is $199. That will defray the cost of purchasing the search term on Google, Yahoo, and Bing, along with all of the other expenses involved in keeping this effort operational.